Truss Styles: Prefabricated Truss Designs



The Liberty Series
The "Liberty" or Pratt Truss design is one of the most common and familiar catwalk designs in the country. Our "Liberty" Series design will clear span up to 120 foot in length. By increasing the truss depth and moving the floor up to form an "H" truss design, we can then span a much greater distance.


The Liberty X Series
The "Liberty X" design or Pratt Truss design is an attractive compananion to the "Liberty". With the X brace diagonals, the "Liberty X" will provide a more ascetic appeal to your next boardwalk or catwalk design project.


The Crescent Series
The "Crescent" design or Bow Truss Design is truly an ageless and nostalgic wonder. The "Crescent" designs with its parabolic curve is still one of the most efficient designs know to man. With the ascetic appeal of the arched top chord and the addition of our decorative rails, this truss design is truly an architectural masterpiece.


The Monarch Series
The "Monarch" design or Parabolic Curve Truss design is an efficient design for canal type projects throughout the world. The "Monarch" with its decorative panel rails and sweeping parabolic arch allows the customer the sense of being in Venice, Italy. (Maximum Span Length 100')


The Harmony Series
The "Harmony" design or Box Truss design is more commonly used on highway overpasses, connecting building or any application where the catwalkstructure needs to be enclosed. The "Harmony" bridge design allows a more economical approach than the commonly used pre-stressed concreate structures. The Harmony design allows us to incorporate bulter panels, chain link fence, and a roof if needed.