Park Pedestrian Bridge for Beaufort, South Carolina
Steel and Alumium Footbridges and Prefab Pedestrian Bridges


With over 35 years of experience creating durable, low maintenance, and high performance access structures, we can help envision the possibilities, understand your options and determine the lowest cost solution to your access issues.
Liberty Bridge's Prefabricated Aluminum Footbridges have the cleanest lines, sharpest curves and smoothest surfaces available through the use of extrusion technology, AISC Certified Welders, and 25 years experience in the fabrication industry. This technology allows us to offer railing options unique to the prefab pedestrian bridge industry. From our simple Horizontal Rail to our intricate RM-861 Vertical Picket Railing and Plasma Cut Railing Systems, we offer you a wide variety of design options which will require little to no maintenance throughout the life of your Truss Bridge. Our Truss and Beam Bridges are designed to meet OSHA Standards as well as AASHTO Guides Specifications for Pedestrian Bridges.

Benefits of Aluminum Bridges vs Steel Bridges

  1. Liberty aluminum footbridges have high strength to weight ratios.  Aluminum is about a third the weight of steel yet it has a higher load bearing capacity than steel when compared pound to pound. This results in a higher performance bridge with lower transportation and installation costs.
  2. Due to aluminum’s natural protective coating and corrosion resistance, maintenance budgets for the long life span of an prefabricated aluminum footbridge are reduced or, in many cases, eliminated.  Aluminum naturally produces a protective oxide that coats the exterior and regenerates when scratched. This oxide layer is highly corrosion resistant which minimizes maintenance costs as well as preserves the aesthetically pleasing, rust-free appearance while remaining cool to the touch all year round.
  3. Not only do we use over 80% recycled materials during fabrication, our structures are 100% recyclable. Additionally, aluminum does not require toxic coatings to prevent corroding and flaking. If your project is concerned with minimal carbon imprint or installation footprint.
  4. The fact that we make our bridges out of aluminum solves the problems most often encountered when taking on a bridge project such as saltwater exposure and poor site access. Our Prefab Truss Bridges and Modular Footbridges have even been helicoptered or carried into limited access areas.
  5. Since our aluminum footbridges will weigh far less than a steel bridges, transportation costs and carbon emissions are minimized. Additionally, smaller equipment, smaller abutments, and less labor are needed to install our bridges. Installation time is often a fraction of other material structures.

Bridge Railing Options

RM-861 Rail System - The RM-861 railing systems is our best selling rail solution. This patented rail system combines the most stringent railing & guard requirements into one elegant package. Available in 42" and 54" standard heights to meet AASHTO/IBC/ASCE guard rail criteria for pedestrian and bicycle traffic, the RM-861 meets all ADA toe rail requirements while incorporating a top handrail.

Our experienced staff of engineers are available to help with your prefab pedestrian footbridge design requirements. Whether it be a salt, fresh water, or chemical environments, our engineers are willing to provide you our expertise along with preliminary drawings to help expedite your project. Please feel free to contact us for you project needs.
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