Wastewater Treatment Plant Prefabricated Aluminum Catwalk Elizabeth City, North Carolina

Liberty Catwalks: Industrial Steel and Aluminum Catwalks

With over 35 years of experience creating durable, low maintenance, and high performanance modular steel and aluminum catwalks, we can help envision the possibilities, understand your options, and determine the lowest cost solution to your access issues.

Our Steel and Aluminum Industrial catwalks have the cleanest lines, sharpest curves and smoothest surfaces available through the use of extrusion technology, AISC Certified Welders, and 25 years experience in the fabrication industry. This technology allows us to offer railing options unique to the prefabricated boardwalk industry. From our simple Horizontal Rail to our intricate RM-861 Vertical Picket Railing and Plasma Cut Railing Systems, we offer you a wide variety of design options which will require little to no maintenance throughout the life of your catwalk. Our Catwalks are designed to meet OSHA Standards as well as AASHTO Guides Specifications for Pedestrian Bridges.

Our Industrial Catwalks can be designed as either a Truss Systems Catwalk or a Modular Catwalk System depending on your design requirements.  Most of our aluminum and steel catwalks are designed to carry 100 pounds per square foot live load.  Our steel or metal catwalks can come painted or be galvanized depending on your project needs.  Most of the prefab aluminum catwalks come with just mill finish.

Our experienced staff of engineers are available to help with your metal catwalk design requirements. Whether it be a salt,fresh water, or chemical environments, our engineers are willing to provide you our expertise along with preliminary drawings to help expedite your project. Please feel free to contact us for you project needs.  Give us a call at 256-996-2342.


Railing Options:
AASHTO Guide Specifications for Pedestrian Bridges
OSHA Compliance for Rails
IBC Building Codes
Vertical Picket Rail Systems
Custom Plasma Cut Railing Systems

Finish Options:

Mill Finish
2-Coat Epoxy System
3-Coat Inorganic Zinc System (DOT Approved)
Powder Coated
Galvanized Catwalks